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The best recipe was the mac and cheese that we made on the 13th. Our group all worked well and over all it turned out great. anothr thing is that it was fun making it.also the spicy penne was good to you didn’t get alot but the quality of it was really good.

the worst recipe that i think we made the the chick pea burgers i don’t think they tasted that good and the fact that the kept falling apart when you took a bite out of them it was annoting because after it fell apart you had a new mess to clean up. i think this would be a good recipe from the curry that we made.

what i found the most interesting was that vegi burgers had a bit of bbq sauce in it.

question: how do you make a roux?


food 3

the salad that I liked the most out of the two weeks was the Greek salad. our group did well on making it and it ove

.r all tasted good.the making the the Greek salad was really fun using every thing like feta cheese,chopping the cucumber, Italian parsley,ect.

the salad I disliked the most in the past two weeks was the grain salad. the ratio of  the grain was terrible. every time I would take a bite there was a ratio of 10 grains to 3 actuarial vegetables. Also the salad dressing tasted like plain oil not even any kind of salad dressing.


i think this would be an improvement because of how it looks and it doesn’t have to much dressing


the most interesting thing I learned was that if you eat just  over the daily servings you gain 10 pounds each year


question:how much pounds do you burn if you jog for 30 minutes

out of all the food we  cook in the last two weeks i liked the most was the bean burritos. one of the reasons was that we got two labs in a row to cook all of the ingredients/prepare and in the second class we cooked the rest of it and wraped our burritos and ate them with a bit of salsa. over all I think the recipe went really good and also tasted really good.

the food that i disliked the most as salsa because it was watery and tasted weird.every time you would get some of it you would mostly just get the tomateo thats good for you but in my opinion i don’t like tomateos.thats the reason i didn’t like the salsa. i think this would be a lot better for the bean burrito recipe.

i learnd was that tomateos have lots of vitemen A that helps you’re vision.

did people think that tomatoes were poisonous

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